Add or withdraw funds free of charge as often as you like without loss of interest.




Add or withdraw funds anytime from ATMs at our 24/7 Zones!


Manage your savings anytime, anywhere using internet and mobile banking.


Save flexibly and be rewarded with an attractive interest rate.


Open FlexSave in KM and EUR currency at no charge under Active Service.


You don’t need to wait for a whole year: interest is paid every month on your current account!


…and all that at the only German bank in B&H!


Send us your contact details and our Client Advisers will contact you directly with our best offer!

    Conditions and savings example: FlexSave – flexible free savings that allows you to always have access to funds on your savings account without going to the Bank's branch office. Without the minimum amount, with the most attractive interest rate on the market, amounting: 0,20% NKS, 0,20% EKS, FlexSave stands out in the mass of savings bids. The offer is a part of the Active Service.

    Withdrawing the money is done by transferring to a current account in the same currency. The annual interest rates are fixed and interest is paid monthly to the current account.


    Deposit Insurance Agency

    Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is established by the Law on Deposit Insurance in Banks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (“Official Gazette of BiH” no 20/02, 18/05, 100/08, 75/09 and 58/13).